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[2010; R-2013 | Keywords: Regulatory Compliance, Waste Reduction Center]

Recently we received a letter from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) at the University of Northern Iowa reminding us of their services that they can provide to Iowa members of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association. Earlier this summer, I had a member contact the IWRC to schedule an On-Site Review to assist them in updating their waste management policies and procedures. This dealer was very pleased with their services so I thought it would be good to remind other members of their services.

The IWRC works free of charge for small businesses in areas such as environmental regulatory compliance, pollution prevention and waste management. Their staff has over 104 years of combined experience. Some of the topics they address include:

  • Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Batteries
  • Disposable of Aerosol Cans
  • Painting
  • Parts Washing
  • Refrigerants
  • Storm Water
  • Used Antifreeze
  • Used Oil & Oily Wastes
  • Waste Fuels
  • Wastewater & Sludge

Free On-Site Waste Management Review
An on-site review from the IWRC is free, confidential, and non-regulatory. Small businesses that request in-depth assistance from the IWRC receive an on-site visit from one of the IWRC’s waste reduction professionals. During the visit, the IWRC staff member tours the facility and learns about the company’s operations and current waste management practices. Once the visit is complete, the staff member prepares a report within four weeks, reviewing the relevant regulations and identifying pollution prevention opportunities. The report is confidential and provided only to the business. Shortly thereafter, the client receives an evaluation form to rate the IWRC services. Six months later, the client receives a follow-up phone call to ask about implementation of IWRC’s recommendations and if any additional assistance is desired. Since their inception, the IWRC have conducted over 4,300 on-site reviews at diverse business types in all 99 Iowa counties.

Regulatory Summaries
The IWRC offers a simplified summary of EPA and DNR regulations that may affect your business. The summaries are divided into regulatory categories such as hazardous waste, oil, storm water, solid waste, etc. and are designed to answer the most frequently asked questions dealing with the specific regulation.

Vendor Database
The vendor database is designed to provide business contacts for waste management and recycling products and services available in the state of Iowa. For example here are the subtopics under oil:

  • Alternative Absorbents
  • Alternative Lubricants
  • Oil/Water Separators
  • SPCC – Professional Engineer Certification Consultants
  • Used Oil Filter Crushers
  • Used Oil Filter Recyclers
  • Used Oil Furnace Distributors
  • Used Oil Transporters/Recyclers

The IWRC offers these manuals that pertain to dealers: Pollution Prevention and Implementation Plans for Vehicle Maintenance, and Vehicle Maintenance. Their website also has an archive of articles on topics such as Fluorescent Bulb Management, EPA Requirements for Cathode Ray Tubes, Sump Sludge: Caution May Be Hazardous, Contaminated Antifreeze, Managing Oil Absorbent Waste, Empty Container Disposal, etc.

The IWRC is a great resource for dealers. They can supply you with the necessary information to obtain and maintain regulatory compliance, avoid penalties and fines, reduce material waste, and possibly save your business time and money. They can be reached at 319-273-8905 or at iwrc.org.