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[2013 | Keywords: Regulatory Compliance, Engine Oil, Oil]

As of July 1, 2013, new standards regarding engine oil will take effect that may impact your business. The National Conference on Weights and Measures adopted new standards in 2012 that require equipment dealers and service providers to disclose the following information on invoices or receipts when installing vehicle engine oil:

  1. The viscosity classification of the oil,
  2. Name or brand of the oil being used,
  3. Engine service category of the oil,
  4. And disclosure if the oil does not meet the American Petroleum Institute service category.

The new standards have been designed to protect consumers from businesses that use re-refined motor oil for the purposes of resale and use in vehicle engines. While there have been no known complaints in either Iowa or Nebraska, equipment dealers that service engines and install new oil may want to insulate themselves against future liabilities including fines by state government or lawsuits from customers resulting from improper disclosure or damage to engines.

The standard applies to all engine oils used in all off road farming and construction equipment. (NIST Handbook 130-Page. 173)