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[Source: Matt Hopkins, CropLife; Google Play Store and Apple App Store, 01.2016 | Keywords: Apps, Innovations, Technology]

In 2010 there were 300,000 mobile apps in the Apple App Store, according to Statista Inc. This number ballooned to 1.5 million apps in 2015, a 400% increase in just five years. This incredible volume of mobile apps has spilled over into agriculture, with the number of farming apps available growing exponentially. Following is a sample of some useful apps available for dealers and customers alike. 

AGCO Go-Task Mobile – Set for release in early 2016, the Go-Task app will be AGCO’s solution for wireless transfer of task data to and from select AGCO machines and supported Farm Management Information Software programs. The app: 1) eliminates the risk of lost or incomplete data that may result from lost USB sticks or other complications associated with manual data transfer; 2) provides easier movement and management of data; and 3) uses AGCO’s existing task data exchange server for task data transfer. (iPad, iPhone)

AgDirect – AgDirect Mobile helps its users make immediate and informed financial decisions. The app computes finance and lease quotes, including annual, semiannual, quarterly and monthly payments. Buyouts, lease finance options and individual payment quotes can be emailed or texted. Finance options can be saved, compared side-by-side, and deleted. This app is especially valued by farm equipment dealers and agricultural producers seeking a mobile payment calculator. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

AgDNA – AgDNA is the must have farming app that allows users to keep track of all their in-field activities and season progress right from their smartphone, tablet or web browser. AgDNA features include farm planning, record keeping, boundary mapping, scouting observations, communication tools, data sharing and more. All data is synchronized with a free online
AgDNA account allowing activity records and setup details to be retrieved from a web browser or any other AgDNA enabled device. The app also operates offline and synchronizes all data automatically when an online connection is available. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

AgLogic Mobile – This John Deere app is designed to connect with the AgLogic website to provide a complete logistics solution that is customized but not limited to the spraying and application industry. It can be leveraged to meet other logistics needs in an operation. The app provides operators with the tools to view work orders in priority order to be completed, get driving directions directly to the field eliminating wasted time, view field boundaries and field location, and much more. (Android)

Agrivi – Agrivi mobile application lets farmers get fast insight into their farming activities and register key activities right from the field. It is used as an extension and supporting feature to its fully featured web farm management solution. Agrivi farm management software helps farmers to take control of their farmland, improve productivity and increase profitability. Based on agricultural knowledge of best-practice production processes for over 60 crops, Agrivi guides farmers to improve their production and increase productivity. (Android, iPhone)

Canopeo – Oklahoma State University’s new app allows users to quantify green vegetation in a plant’s canopy in the field through photos taken using a smartphone. Canopeo analyzes the images and provides an accurate measure of percent canopy cover for row crops, grassland, turfgrass or other green vegetation. The information can be used to monitor a crop’s growth or evaluate damage and allows the user to adjust management decisions. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Cat Inspect – With Caterpillar’s Cat® Inspect, operators can perform timely and informed equipment inspections for their entire fleet of Cat and non-Cat equipment. This app includes: Cat model-specific inspection information detailing specific actions to be taken at each inspection step; a dropdown menu for ratings; the ability to input inspection notes by keystroke or voice; photo documentation; and the ability to assign inspections to others, retain electronic data, and manage data. Inspection forms include preventive maintenance checklists, Technical Analysis Forms (TA-1), daily safety walk-arounds, and more.

Connected Farm Field – This Trimble app allows farmers to enter detailed field records about their farming operations using a smartphone or tablet. The app is flexible enough to handle any crop type, such as corn, beans, wheat, and more. Costs can be entered for each input so that financial information can be captured about each farming event. The app can install to multiple devices so that field records can be collected instantly and sent to Connected Farm Field, where profit/loss information can be viewed for the entire operation. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Cropalyser – The Cropalyser app from Bejo helps users easily identify major pests, diseases and disorders in vegetable crops, including red beets, carrots, cabbage and onions. The app provides information about the health and growth of crops, while the search function “Cropalyse” helps analyze irregularities, recognize symptoms, follow growth developments and advises on crop control and prevention of pests and diseases. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Cub Connect – Cub Connect is the innovative way to interact with Cub Cadet outdoor power equipment directly through a mobile device. The app’s automated maintenance dashboard and log helps keep Cub Cadet’s equipment running at peak performance and protects investments by tracking total hours across the lifetime of the equipment. Operators receive alert notifications when it’s time to perform essential maintenance tasks. The dashboard provides real time monitoring and indicates when it’s time to check or change the oil, air filter, blades or battery. Cub Connect™ also enables owners to locate and contact Cub Cadet Service Centers, access step-by-step instructions to perform routine maintenance, and purchase replacement parts directly from the mobile device. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Farm At Hand – Farm At Hand is a free, cloud-based farm app that allows farmers to manage their entire farming operation from seed to sale, anytime, anywhere via their computer, tablet or smartphone. The app keeps them organized, efficient and productive all year long by capturing key field data. Farmers can track activities like planting, spraying, scouting, harvesting and more and automatically download reports for crop insurance, agronomists and market consultants. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Fastline – Search the entire Fastline farm equipment inventory from an Android device. The Fastline Android app gives access to the full agriculture equipment database to search by manufacturer, make and model or by category. Find full color pictures and videos of tractors, farm implements, harvest equipment, planting, sprayers, tillage, grain handling, GPS, trailers, irrigation systems and all other farm equipment needs from dealers and manufacturers across the United States and Mexico. (Android)

FieldX Sampling – FieldX Sampling from AgRenaissance Software is used for in-field navigation to sample points created in FieldX Office. Geo-location information from sampling journal entries is downloaded and displayed on the map. The app can display sampling points; display the GPS location; mark sampling points as completed; set the status of the sampling journal entry; upload changes to sampling journal entries; add a flag to the map for navigation and calculating distance to a point; display field borders; and much more. (iPad, iPhone)

Grain Tracker – Digi-Star’s Grain Tracker app provides a wireless interface and direct field-to-office data transfer capabilities. The app gives producers full functionality of the GT 460 grain cart scale system straight from their smartphone or tablet. By adding Digi-Star’s ERM-WiFi module to the GT 460, producers will be able to connect wirelessly via the app making harvest-time tasks even easier. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

GSI ROI Calculator – The GSI ROI Calculator allows farmers to see how much more they can earn with on-farm grain storage solutions from GSI. Start by selecting a crop and entering the number of acres and anticipated yield. Then enter harvest time price and the anticipated future sale price to see the GSI difference. Farmers also have the option to compare elevator storage revenue potential to GSI on-farm stored revenue potential. (iPad, iPhone)

iSoyl – iSOYL allows producers to manage their precision crop production tasks direct from the tractor cab via iPad. Variable rate application files created in MySOYL are seamlessly transferred to iSOYL ready to be used in the field. The large, clear touch-screen makes it easy to view and manage files. After application, data can be sent back directly to the crop management system, eliminating the need for written notes. (iPad)

Just In Time Plant Nutrient Calculator – This app is a user-friendly software tool developed to support the application of Soludrip water-soluble fertilizers. It calculates the right dose of a nutrient solution, according to the phenological stage, as part of a complete crop-nutrition program for an intensive farm operation. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi and is therefore 100% portable and easy to use on the farm for wise and fast decision-making. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

MapShots Harvest Entry – Harvest Entry extends the functionality available in the AgStudio FARM Commodity Inventory module by providing producers a means to save harvest data for both on-farm loads and commercial deliveries. Simply set up the storage facilities and trucks in AgStudio, and then track each load as it leaves the fields and goes into either on-farm or commercial storage. The app allows producers to track as much or as little as makes sense for their operations. (iPad, iPhone)

My New Holland – New Holland customers may now access information through their smartphones via the My New Holland app. It’s a personalized space where users can access instructional videos, operating and maintenance tips from New Holland product experts, educational white papers, and more. Owners of New Holland equipment can also gain access to premium content to help them get the most from their machines. By registering equipment on their My New Holland profile, operators can download operator manuals and other useful materials from New Holland training courses. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

OpenScout – This app from Spensa Technologies helps field and crop advisers more easily identify and document the location of insects, weeds, disease, nutrient deficiencies and general agronomic issues and assign severity in a more precise manner so growers can strategically mitigate problems before they spread. OpenScout also tracks the scout’s route through the field as a record when no observations are recorded. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

RoadBump – Road maintenance and engineering professionals can now get objective data cost effectively with RoadBump, an Android application form Grimmer Software that measures the roughness of a road using a smartphone. Using the Android device’s GPS and accelerometer, the app displays a map of the road and enables zooming, rotating and aligning to graphs, as well as switching the path driven between street and satellite views. The map is color-coded with red sections to indicate rough segments, yellow for normal roughness and green for smooth segments. RoadBump produces estimated International Roughness Index graphs and an accelerometer graph that shows individual bumps, dips and waves. The road data is collected and stored on the device, eliminating the need for a network connection when recording or reviewing data, which can then be exported. (Android)

Tiger-Sul Nutrient Calculator – This app is an innovative agronomic planning tool for farmers to plan fertilizer applications and meet soil nutrient needs. They simply select a crop and the desired yield for that crop and are given the amount of vital crop nutrients that their desired yield will need and how leading fertilizer and micronutrient products help meet those requirements. The nutrient calculator covers all key crops including corn, canola and soybeans. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Tractorhouse – Featuring thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers through North America, TractorHouse for Android lets users drill down instantly to the category, make and model they need. Full-color photos, complete descriptions, and location maps for each machine are included. TractorHouse finds the location and first displays the for-sale listings closest to them. Find equipment, contact the seller, and make the best deal – all on an Android device! (Android)

Vrain – This app from Visualnacert is useful for increasing the profitability of farmers and knowing weather conditions in the field. Farmers enter expenses for each campaign: fertilizers, crop protection, energy, machinery, labor and other expenses, and get alerts if they’re going to spend more than revenues. In addition, they can see the weather forecast and accumulated rainfall collected in their field. (iPad, iPhone)

Source: Matt Hopkins, December 15, 2015, CropLife; Google Play Store and Apple App Store