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[Author: Cindy Feldman, 05.16 | Keywords: Marketing, Channels]

0516-Marketing-WindowReceiving a message has evolved rapidly over the years, from the early days of Pony Express to today’s environment of delivering digitally.

Just imagine having to wait over a week to receive a message from a friend—yes, several days! Fortunately, communication in today’s world is instantaneous. Before texting and tweeting, communication was a completely different animal. But now, one click and a message pops up in your in-box.

Let me share four highlights that the 2016 Ag Media Study (conducted by Readex Research) summarized that are important to know about today’s ever-changing media environment:

  • Traditional channels have maintained their power in agriculture complimented by the growing use of digital and mobile.
  • Farmers and ranchers have a significant appetite for information, using a wide array of channels in their daily lives. The 3-4 year outlook is that they will continue to use both traditional and digital channels as important vehicles for delivering the information they will need to be successful.
  • Ag magazines and newspapers are the number one drivers of traffic to ag-related websites, even among “high digital” users.
  • Operators rely upon many resources for gathering information about products and services they need to run their business. Besides ag magazines and newspapers, dealer/retailer remain their top two sources.

But with 36% of operators now using smartphones and tablets to visit ag websites, leaving digital (such as eNewsletters, web, social media, texting, mobile and apps) out of your marketing plan is just not an option.

Check out my next editorial. I’ll highlight more facts regarding social media and showcase a great mix of social apps to be a part of a winning marketing mix.

About the Author

Cindy Feldman

For over three years, Cindy has managed marketing and communication efforts for the Association and Power Farming Shows through print, electronic and social media. Outside of work, Cindy can be found traveling, gardening, hunting for cool vintage finds, running, biking and hanging out with her dog, Jack.