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[Source: INEDA, 11.2016 | Keywords: Human Resources, Employment]

Participate in our dealer-driven scholarship program and help those aspiring to work at your dealership.

The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA) offers a limited number of matching fund scholarships each spring to assist in the training of current and potential employees of Iowa and Nebraska equipment dealers. This program is an effort by INEDA to address a serious shortage of dealership personnel by attracting and nurturing homegrown talent. In addition, it gives dealers the flexibility to assist those aspiring toward management, technical, sales or administrative positions within the dealership. To date, the INEDA Matching Scholarship program has awarded $375,500 to deserving young men and women.

This year, INEDA is excited to announce a major change to the scholarship program that will further help students with the soaring costs of education – a 2 to 1 scholarship match up to $2000. This means if a dealer commits $1000 in funding, the Association will match the scholarship with $2000, for a grand total of $3000 (for the 2017-2018 school year).

The INEDA Matching Fund scholarship is not a general-purpose scholarship. Its intent is specifically to provide dealership training funds. Dealers must approve applicants as a current employee or potential future employee and approve the applicant’s course of study as being relevant to dealership operations. And, they should approach a student only if there is an established mutual interest in having that student employed at the dealership when the student’s training is complete. In addition, applicants must also be accepted or enrolled as full-time students in the approved course of study (two- and four-year degree programs are eligible).

Here’s a look at some of our current and past scholarhsip recipients…

Casey Karsten | Horizon Equipment
Manning, Iowa

Casey Karsten is close to completing the John Deere Tech program at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska. He has worked at Horizon since he was a freshman in high school. “I worked my way up from sweeping the floors and taking out trash, to a tech position,” reflected Karsten. “I love it here. I enjoy working on the equipment.”

Following graduation, he plans to continue working at Horizon Equipment and hopes to someday work his way up to a higher level tech position. “The scholarship covered some of the cost of tuition, which freed up money to help pay for the tools I use both at school and in the workplace,” said Karsten.

“I would encourage young people to look into the field,” stated Karsten. “It’s a great, hands-on profession.”

Zach Wingert | Horizon Equipment
Woodbine, Iowa 

Zach Wingert received a scholarship from Horizon Equipment and INEDA when he was enrolled in the John Deere Ag Tech program at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska. Today, Wingert works full-time as a technician at Horizon Equipment in Woodbine, Iowa.

“The scholarship helped me receive the education I needed to prepare for a career as a technician at a John Deere dealership,” said Wingert. “Horizon Equipment has invested both their time and money in me to get an education that prepared me for the real-life situations I’m faced with every day on the job.”

Colton Garside | Titan Machinery
Greenfield, IA 

In May, Colton Garside will complete the Farm Equipment & Diesel Technology program at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg, Iowa, before joining the team at Titan Machinery in Greenfield, Iowa, full-time.

Garside worked at Titan Machinery for two years before deciding on this career path. “When I first started, I did maintenance work, like picking up trash and mowing the lawn,” he reflected. “When I got the opportunity to work on the machinery, I discovered that I really enjoyed being around the machinery and the mechanical side of the business. The scholarship made going to college a much more attainable goal.”

“Colton has been working here in his off-time from school and summers and is doing a great job,” said David Davis of Titan Machinery. “His education at Iowa Lakes Community College has been very beneficial to him.”

In the future, Garside looks forward to growing his career at Titan. “It’s a great place to work! Every day you face something different.”

Isaac Buss | Stutheit Implement
Auburn, Nebraska 

Isaac Buss is currently enrolled in the John Deere Tech program at Southeast Community College. “I thought this would be a good career choice since it seems like something on the farm is always in need of repair,” said Buss. “The scholarship from INEDA and Stutheit Implement was a big help. It covered some of my tuition costs and made it so I didn’t have to take out extra student loans.”

When at the dealership, Buss can be found working in the shop. “I enjoy all of the customers and people I get to work with every day,” he exclaimed. “Every day on the job is pretty much something different.” Following graduation, Buss plans to continue working at the dealership and help on the family farm.

“Isaac is a very hard worker who has a drive to learn new things,” said Mary Schram, of Stutheit Implement. “From lawn mowers to combines, he wants to learn it all.”

Buss encourages other young people to “do what you like to do.” “It’s not always about having a big job somewhere,” reflected Buss. “You don’t have to go to school four years to get a good job. There’s a lot of opportunity for growth at the dealership.”

Treyton Schemper | OíBrien County
Implement | Sheldon, Iowa

Treyton Schemper is currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in finance at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. He has worked at O’Brien County Implement, the dealership run by his family, since grade school. “I started out sweeping, cleaning up, sorting and dusting, and steadily progressed through the dealership to detailing equipment,” reflected Schemper. “This place half-raised me!”

He chose to major in finance because he felt it would serve him best when he returns to work at the dealership. “I enjoy working the number side of the business while my dad enjoys the people side,” said Schemper, who looks forward to working with his family at the dealership full-time following graduation.

Schemper is grateful for the scholarship. “While the scholarship helped me financially, it also meant that the shop and INEDA were willing to invest in me,” said Schemper. “It reinforced that we are all in this for a common cause and that they value all of the time and effort I’ve put in.”

Brenton Soules | 21st Century Equipment
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Brenton Soules attended Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas, where he earned an Associate Degree in Applied Physical Science. Soules is currently an Advanced Service Technician at 21st Century Equipment in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where he’s working to become Master Certified.

“I chose to become an ag technician because I farm and ranch with my parents and am very passionate about agriculture,” said Soules. “The scholarship granted to me by INEDA helped cover some of my college expenses, which helped make my college experience less stressful.”

Down the road, Soules plans to upscale the family farm while working at the dealership “I will stay with 21st Century Equipment as long as they will have me,” said Soules. “My advice to young people is to not let failure get you down. Do not be intimidated by anything. If you are 100% committed to your organization and give them 100% effort, they will reward your hard work.”

Jesiah Rasmussen | Nickís Farm Store
Geneva, Nebraska 

Jesiah Rasmussen is currently enrolled in the Diesel-Ag Equipment Service Technology program at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska. “This program really appealed to me, especially the fact that in just 1½ years, I’ll be working full-time,” said Rasmussen.

“Jesiah is a very nice young man who started working after school when he was a junior in high school and then would work all summer long,” said Shelly Kennel of Nick’s Farm Store. “It has been really exciting watching this young man grow as an individual and as a technician.  Some people just have a knack or an understanding of repairing and fixing things.  He can see the whole picture and gets it, which I feel is very rare in people these days.”

The scholarship allowed Rasmussen to buy the tools he needed to attend school. “What I enjoy the most about the equipment industry is working on bigger equipment,” said Rasmussen, who has done service work on both tractors and combines at Nick’s Farm Store. In the future, he hopes to become a shop foreman.

Information on INEDAís Matching Scholarship Fund will be mailed out at the first of the year. For more information, contact Will Rogers at 800.622.0016.