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[Author: Tom Junge, 01.17 | Keywords: Iowa Field Notes, Nebraska Power Farming Show]

No one was more surprised than me at the terrific outcome of the 10th Annual Nebraska Power Farming Show held December 6-8 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Prior to the show, I spoke with several exhibitors who reported uncharacteristically low attendance at both the summer outdoor ag shows and fall indoor ag shows. In their words, the shows were “disasters.” They also mentioned that the few people who did attend were just walking by their booths. Armed with this information, I braced for disappointing attendance and less than happy exhibitors at our Nebraska show. Fortunately, this was not the case.

Thanks to good show weather – snow and rain leading up to the show and very cold temperatures during the show – the attendance was good on Tuesday and outstanding on Wednesday. Thursday, producers returned for a second day at the show and exhibitors recorded some sales. During move-out, one exhibitor in Pavilion 3 mentioned that he sold the land roller he’d had on display and was delivering it the following day. An exhibitor in Pavilion 4 reportedly sold their land roller as well, while another took an order for a pull-type sprayer. We also helped one exhibitor in Pavilion 3 load five of the seven skid loader attachments they had displayed at the show on to customer trucks. We promote the Nebraska Power Farming show as a “selling show” and the December show didn’t disappoint.

Another indicator of a positive show was the rush of emails and phone calls I received from exhibitors immediately following the show asking how to sign up for the 2017 show. Even exhibitors located in slower traffic areas were pleased. Prospective exhibitors who walked the show also contacted me right after to inquire about getting into the show. A week after the Nebraska Power Farming Show ended, nearly 60 companies were on the waiting list.

A follow up survey with exhibitors indicated that more than 90% felt the quality of attendees was equal to or better than other shows, with nearly 50% ranking the attendees as better than other shows they had attended.

Here is what some exhibitors had to say…


After the show, I spoke with a few dealers who indicated they were pricing more items this winter than last. While most of the items sold were small, they did sell some new tractors and combines as well. Dealers credit these sales to the great yields and the time farmers needed to adjust to today’s economic conditions. They also mentioned that some tax accountants were recommending that farmers make some purchases.

The farm show created some optimism among the exhibitors and dealers. One media person said it seemed that exhibitors who remained positive seemed to be doing better than those who weren’t. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” What I observed at the farm show made me very optimistic, so that is why I’m sharing this with you. Stay positive! The year 2017 may be better than you think.


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Tom Junge

Tom has traveled across Iowa calling on members for more than 24 years. When he’s not on the road, Tom stays busy managing both the Iowa and Nebraska Power Farming Shows. In his free time, Tom enjoys watching college and NFL football, fruit gardening and taking trips with his wife and children.