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[Author: Cindy Feldman, 07.17 | Keywords: Marketing, Social Media, LinkedIn]

The Benefits of a LinkedIn Business Profile

It’s fair to say that social media has become huge in today’s society, and believe it or not, it has also become a huge tool for businesses. While social media might not be your forte, you may want to consider creating a LinkedIn profile for your dealership.

LinkedIn is a social networking site geared toward professionals and is a tool used by a lot of businesses. As we’ve been coaching you on ways to “connect” when recruiting, this may be another way for you to reach managerial, administrative, sales employees…and yes, even technicians!

LinkedIn is a network of over 400 million people, not just a database of them. Having a LinkedIn profile helps you promote yourself, your business and establish connections. Nearly 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. When you receive an application or resume, look the applicant up online. A LinkedIn profile is usually one of the first things that will pop up.

Get smart reading “real-world” advice from your LinkedIn Network. Many pen informational blogs on a variety of timely topics pertinent to your business.

LinkedIn is also great for establishing connections. Making connections helps grow your network. Having a large network on LinkedIn makes it possible for you to get recommendations and endorsements which show potential employees what others think about you professionally.
Overall, LinkedIn is a great free tool to use whether you are seeking a new employee, staying in touch with your network or adding to your network of contacts.

Even if you’re not actively searching for new employees, potential employees may come across your company profile and reach out if they have an interest in your business. Having a strong LinkedIn profile is a major bonus that puts you one step ahead of your competition!


About the Author

Cindy Feldman

For nearly three years, Cindy has managed marketing and communication efforts for the Association and Power Farming Shows through print, electronic and social media. Outside of work, Cindy can be found traveling, gardening, hunting for cool vintage finds, running, biking and hanging out with her dog, Jack.