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[Author: Mark Hennessey, 05.2020 | Keywords: Executive Insight, COVID-19]

These are uncertain times. Nobody knows when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will be over, who will test positive, and whether or not they will recover. This uncertainty has caused fear, anxiety and stress, turning our worlds upside down.

The media coverage has been relentless. When trying to sort fact from fiction or conjecture from reality, this constant uncertainty has upset our ability to find solid ground. What does our future look like? Is this our new normal? Will we ever get back to where we once stood? These are all questions we are trying to answer.

Yet, in the midst of this uncertainty, we have quickly gravitated toward a firm ground that may appear unrecognizable on the surface. There are many instances around us where nothing has been more certain in our lives than they are right now.

We Value Our Families

Our fast-paced lives quickly came to a halt. No longer are there soccer games, dance classes, baseball practices, school events or other endless activities causing us to run in all directions. Instead, we are grounded in our homes, at times feeling “stir crazy,” confined to a small space and unable to go anywhere.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. The opportunity to spend quality time with family may never be greater than it is right now. Seize this gift. Make the most of it. There may never be another chance quite like this, so take this opportunity and enjoy it.

We Value Our Relationships

Acts of kindness, caring for our elderly, looking out for each other with consideration and compassion are behaviors we continue to witness daily. We also are experiencing new ways to communicate and share our lives with one another. Did you ever think you would have a virtual birthday party using Zoom? Never. Most of us didn’t even know what Zoom was a few weeks ago. We are adapting and forming new ways to communicate.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. Relationships are strengthening. Look around and see how prevalent it has become. It’s everywhere.

We Value Our Healthcare Providers

These individuals continue to selflessly provide medical care in ways that are unprecedented in our times. Our nation is calling for additional help. Many former health care professionals and retirees are answering these calls. They are not simply sitting on the sidelines. Never have they been so faithful in their convictions to help those in their time of need. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. We appreciate our healthcare
providers more than ever before.

We Value Our Employers

While dealers today are making decisions to run their organizations with tremendous unknowns, two things remain very clear. First, they want to keep their employees safe. Our members want to protect their employees and are taking precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. At the same time, they are learning how to apply the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to assist employees with job-protected leave or emergency paid sick time.

Second, our members are focused on helping farmers get a crop planted and ranchers care for their livestock. Our nation’s food supply depends on it. Many behind the scenes conversations have occurred with political leaders to make sure industries involved in “food supply” and “public works” are classified as a critical infrastructure industry by the federal government. Our dealers have taken unprecedented steps to continue to service, repair and assist customers, wherever that may be.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. Dealers care about the safety of their employees and their ability to serve customers.

We Value Our Employees

All employees have been affected in some way, shape or form. In spite of many unknowns, employees are going the extra mile to support their dealerships in unprecedented ways. From working extra hours to disinfecting the dealership or working virtually, their willingness, flexibility and dedication during these challenging times is second to none.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. Employees appreciate their job, their fellow employees, and their dealership. Together, they are committed to helping the dealership succeed.

We Value Our Country

The resiliency of Americans pulling together in spite of our differences is truly amazing. September 11, 2001, is a date we will never forget. Coronavirus is also something we will never forget. Both attacked our country, causing the very fabric of our society to be torn apart. We will continue to fight for the health of our people and our economy, and the ability to recover and rebound from this virus.

In these uncertain times, this much is certain. NEVER underestimate the willpower, courage and strength of the American people. We will fight. We are resilient. We are strong. And we will overcome.

As you look around, take notice of things that are within your control. When you do, your anxiety and fear of the unknown will become overshadowed with the ability to chart your own destiny. All of us have the right to choose how we see things. And in these uncertain times, that much is certain.

About the Author

Mark Hennessey

Mark Hennessey, assumed the role as President/CEO for INEDA effective January 1, 2020. Hennessey has worked in multiple industries where information technology was his core focus. Outside of work, he competes on the USA Powerlifting team and enjoys weekend trips with his wife, riding his Harley and taking in the back roads of rural America.