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The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers (INEDA) congratulates the work done by Farm Bureau and especially the leadership of Nebraska Farm Bureau President, Mark McHargue on the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and John Deere. The MOU is a formal acknowledgment of the work that has been and is being done to ensure farmers, ranchers, and other equipment owners can maintain and repair their implements.

“Equipment dealers of all brands have been working diligently to make available the tools and resources needed for owners to keep their equipment up and running. We are also excited to see that independent technicians, who have been integral partners in repairing equipment for over a century, are included. This MOU recognizes the value of working collaboratively as industry partners to resolve issues as they arise,” said Mark Hennessey, INEDA CEO.

Under this MOU, farmers, ranchers, and independent repair facilities will have access to diagnostic and repair codes and their meanings; manuals (operator, parts, service); product guides; directly purchase diagnostic tools from John Deere; and assistance from John Deere when ordering parts and products. These tools are currently available and promoted by John Deere equipment dealers in Iowa and Nebraska.

“Elected officials, agricultural organizations, equipment dealers, and manufacturers have all sought a solution that is driven by the private sector. ‘The best government is that which governs least’  is a common philosophy we all believe, and we agree with the Farm Bureau that, the need for legislative or regulatory action on the right to repair issue is mitigated. Our members look forward to continuing to provide support to equipment owners and manufacturers to meet the needs going forward,” said Hennessey.

Read the Farm Bureau and John Deere MOU here.