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Johnston, IA – The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA), host of the Nebraska Ag Expo, is pleased to recognize and support the career and technical education program at Lincoln Northeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“Today’s equipment industry embodies the highest level of cutting-edge technology in the world,” said Mark Hennessey, President and CEO of INEDA. “And the spectrum of technological career opportunities in the equipment industry ranges from engineering, design, manufacturing, and repairing of precision and automated equipment that is helping to feed the world. We are encouraged to see the work that Mr. Robert Park and the faculty at Lincoln Northeast are doing to prepare students for these opportunities.”

Mr. Park has been instrumental in teaching his students skills and trades ranging from welding to rebuilding small engines to woodworking. Beyond that his students shared some of the life lessons they have learned through his classes:

  • “You get out what you put into life.”
  • “Do my job and not mess around. Take your job seriously.”
  • “You need persistence, motivation, and eagerness.”
  • “When you start something, it must be finished.
  • “He has also showed me better ways to do my work and will help whenever I need it.”

Lincoln Northeast High School participated in the Career Exploration Event at the Nebraska Ag Expo, where students shared their interests in the following careers: construction, software developer, drone pilot, engineer, farmer or rancher, plumber, service technician for an equipment dealer, teacher, and welder.

The Career Exploration Event focused on the various careers that equipment dealers offer. Students were joined by Nebraska equipment dealer employees who escorted them through the Nebraska Ag Expo with stops at exhibitor booths and shared career opportunities, including scholarship and apprenticeships, to equip them to work with cutting edge technology in agriculture. The lack of available workers is having a profound impact on the equipment industry with an estimated 350-400 job openings at Nebraska’s equipment dealerships alone.

Equipment Dealers in the Lincoln Northeast High School area join INEDA in congratulating Mr. Park and the Lincoln Northeast faculty recognition including: AKRS Equipment, Bobcat of Lincoln/Hamiton Equipment, NMC (Nebraska Machinery), Titan Machinery, and Vermeer High Plains.

For more information about the Nebraska Ag Expo or the Iowa Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association, visit https://ineda.com/