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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Cell Phone Policy?

[Source: Burr Alert, RWEP, 2016 | Keywords: Human Resources, Cell Phone] It is likely that most, if not all, of your employees bring a personal cell phone to the office. Determining when it is/isn’t acceptable for them to use cell phones at work requires a careful balancing act. If you haven’t revisited your cell phone… Read More »

Managing Attendance – The Basics

[Source: Bob Evnen, Woods & Aitken LLP, 03.2016 | Keywords: Human Resources, Employment Policies, Attendance] We receive many calls on the INEDA Human Resources Helpline concerning employee attendance issues: tardiness, not at work enough, breaks and lunches. It’s always a challenge to manage employees. Employees who don’t show up on time every day ready to go… Read More »

Why ‘Presenteeism’ is a Big Threat to Your Company’s Productivity

[Source: The Business Journals, 2015 | Keywords: Human Resources, Sick Time] A company with employees who are physically present at work but not functioning at their full potential because of an illness or other medical condition may have a “presenteeism” problem. Presenteeism is one of the largest threats to productivity, and its impact can rival… Read More »

Timely HR Topics Hiring a HR Manager & New Paycheck Detail Requirements

[Author: Bob Evnen, Woods & Aitken LLP, 2014 | Keywords: Human Resources, Manager] When should you hire a Human Resources (HR) Manager for your dealership? There is no pat answer for this question, such as “when you have X number of employees,” or “when you have $X in annual sales.” Adding any new position to your business… Read More »

Is That a REAL Rattlesnake? Personnel Files

[Author: Lesley Sifers, Tax Favored Benefits, Inc., 2010; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, Personnel Files] When I was a kid, my dad played a trick on me with a little device made from a rubber band wound around a paper clip. He put this little gizmo in an envelope and told me to open it. As I… Read More »

Job Descriptions – Part 3: Valuable Tools or HR’s Headache?

[Author: Lesley Sifers, Tax Favored Benefits, Inc., 2012; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, Recruiting, Job Description] In the August issue, I provided you with tips on how to collect and organize information about the positions in your company. Now, it is time to actually begin writing your job descriptions. Job descriptions should be uniform in appearance and… Read More »