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Working with Millennials

[Author: Andrew E. Goodman, 07.17 | Keywords: Executive Insight, Millennials, Personal Development] By the year 2020, Millennials – also known as Generation Y – are projected to make up half of the United States workforce. As a result, it is critical that employers understand this generation so they can better enable their personal development. Millennials… Read More »

Not Your Father’s Workforce

[Author: Laramie Sandquist, CPCU, CLU, ARM, Federated Mutual Insurance Company, 01.17 | Keywords: Human Resources, Millennials] Safely Speaking So, the twenty-something walks into your dealership looking for a job. She hands you her resumé. You take a look. What practically flies off the page at you is her work history: three part-time and two full-time jobs in… Read More »