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Inadequate Pay Records Can Prove Costly to Employers

[Author: Julie Taylor, Accountant/Human Resources Coordinator, 2015 | Keywords: Human Resources, Recordkeeping] As an employer, poor recordkeeping could cost you serious penalties if you do not have accurate records of your employees’ work time. Read on to discover what records you are required to keep and for how long. While many employers may not think of… Read More »

The Fair Labor Standards Act: The New Federal Overtime Rules

[Source: Seigfreid, Bingham, Levy, Selzer & Gee, P.C., 2007; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, FLSA, Wages] For the first time in decades, the U.S. Department of Labor has significantly changed the rules regarding overtime pay for millions of workers throughout almost every industry in the United States, including the employees of equipment dealers. The new rules,… Read More »

Little Things Cost a Lot — Wage and Hour Mistakes

[Author: Lesley Sifers, Tax Favored Benefits, Inc., 2011; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, Wages] I have written about this topic several times, but it seems there are still many employers making serious mistakes in wage administration; mistakes that lead to hefty fines when a company is audited by the Department of Labor (DOL) or state and local… Read More »

New People in the New Year? Tips on Hiring the Right People

[Author: Lesley Sifers, Tax Favored Benefits, Inc., 2012; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, Recruiting, Hiring] I don’t know if the economy is really getting better or not. However, I do know that many companies have been running with less-than-comfortable staffing levels. While there are a lot of good candidates out there, in the past few years… Read More »