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Header Trailers – The Sales Tax and Licensing Saga Continues

[Author: Mark Othmer, Nebraska Field Director, 2016 | Keywords: Sales Tax, Header Trailers] I’ve had lengthy discussions with a number of dealers over the last several months about header trailers and whether you should collect sales tax at the time of sale or fill out a Form 6 and send the customer to the local county… Read More »

Q & A: Nebraska’s Ag Exemption of Repair & Replacement Parts

[Author: Mark Othmer, Nebraska Field Director, 2014 | Keywords: Nebraska Legislation, Ag Exemption, Parts] On October 1, 2014 the ag sales tax exemption for repair and replacement parts in Nebraska went into effect. While I had hoped that we would receive some guidance from the Nebraska Department of Revenue before this tax change took effect, unfortunately it… Read More »

Nebraska Makes Run for Border for Taxes

[Source: John Taylor, Omaha World-Herald, 2002; R-2013 | Keywords: Nebraska Legislation, Sales Tax] Some Nebraska industrial-equipment dealers have found themselves caught in the middle of a sales-tax problem involving the sale of their products to governmental entities in other states. Andrew Goodman, executive vice president of the Des Moines-based Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association, says “it’s not a… Read More »

Increased Limits on Fees Charged on Installment Contracts

[2001; R-2013 | Keywords: Nebraska Legislation, Fees, Contracts] In Nebraska, we achieved success with bill LB146, which changed sections 45-338 in regard to fee limits charged on installment contracts. Previously, the limit was ten dollars. This new legislation permits dealers and other agricultural equipment retailers to charge origination fees on installment contracts up to $100… Read More »

Nebraska Trucking Laws – Oversize Loads

[Author: Mark Othmer, I-NEDA, Nebraska Field Director, 2013 | Keywords: Nebraska Legislation, Trucking, Oversize Loads] Every spring, it seems like our office receives several calls from dealers concerning oversize loads when trucking equipment. Dealers often call when they are busy delivering new equipment customers purchased over the winter months. Since equipment continues to get wider and longer,… Read More »