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Here Is What I Want from my Precision Dealer

[Source: INEDA, 05.2017 | Keywords: Precision Farming] • Knowledgeable people. Employees who understand technology and what products are available in the market. • Help make it easy. This stuff is complicated. Anything you can do to make it simpler helps. Wireless data transfer, prepopulating existing databases, and good software and web design are all part… Read More »

Managing Precision Farming

[Source: INEDA, 05.2017 | Keywords: Precision Farming] The precision farming market reached $3.68 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow 13.5% by 2022 – a record $7.87 billion. How does your dealership stay competitive in this growing market? Precision technology can be a tricky thing to manage. From determining who’s in charge of selling… Read More »