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CASE Institute Provides Powerful Tool for Ag Teachers

[Author: INEDA Staff, 05.2020 | Keywords: CASE, Training, Ag Education] “CASE is the most powerful tool available for the advancement of agricultural education and enhancement of student learning of agricultural science subject matter.” The Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE) was started by the National Council for Agricultural Education in 2007 with the goal of… Read More »

25 Ways to Attract and Retain  Equipment Technician Talent

25 Ways to Attract and Retain Equipment Technician Talent

[Author: INEDA Staff, 05.2020 | Keywords: Recruiting, Workforce Development] The stakes are high. Recruiting and retaining technicians will be one of the top three success factors in the ag and construction equipment industry over the next 10 to 15 years. And whoever figures out the workforce equation is going to be in the driver’s seat…. Read More »

Coronavirus Used for Cyber-Attacks

Coronavirus Used for Cyber-Attacks

[Author: Pratum, 05.2020 | Keywords: Cybersecurity, COVID-19] The Coronavirus has now reached every continent, except Antarctica. There are over 2.1 million cases worldwide, with 137,061 deaths reported at the time of this article being published. Like any major news event, cybercriminals are finding new ways to use the fear surrounding the infection to attack victims… Read More »

In Uncertain Times, Things Become Very Certain

[Author: Mark Hennessey, 05.2020 | Keywords: Executive Insight, COVID-19] These are uncertain times. Nobody knows when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will be over, who will test positive, and whether or not they will recover. This uncertainty has caused fear, anxiety and stress, turning our worlds upside down. The media coverage has been relentless. When trying… Read More »

Nebraska Notes

Nebraska Notes

[Author: Mark Othmer, 05.2020 | Keywords: Nebraska Field Notes] This has been a very unusual time. Coronavirus has dictated nearly every action/inaction upon us today. While we all continue to do our best to support social distancing, we’ve had to utilize different methods to collect information than we have in the past. I used to… Read More »

Exhibit Committee’s Changing Role

[Author: Tom Junge, 05.2020 | Keywords: Iowa Field Notes, IAE, NAE, Strategic Initiative] Operational to Strategic Both the Iowa and Nebraska Exhibit Committees met this spring to review the previous winter shows and to plan for upcoming shows. During these meetings, a change in the committee’s role was introduced. Instead of spending time reviewing the… Read More »