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Deere announces job cuts ahead of projected drop in sales

The cuts become effective Jan. 6. Deere said in its fourth-quarter earnings report last month that it expected construction and forestry equipment sales to fall between 10% and 15% next fiscal year, and it projected farm equipment sales to drop 5% to 10%.

Local Option Exemption for Construction Equipment

[Source: INEDA, 10.2018 | Keywords: Construction, Sales Tax] As a reminder, certain types of construction equipment are exempt from the local option sales tax and the local school infrastructure sales tax. That equipment is defined as: … self‑propelled building equipment, pile drivers, motorized scaffolding, or attachments customarily drawn or attached to self‑propelled building equipment, pile… Read More »

INEDA Supports Commonsense Repair Solutions

Ever since the introduction of a so-called “Right to Repair” bill in the Nebraska Legislature in 2015, INEDA has been working closely with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) to provide industry-wide support for onboard diagnostics and repair information for users of powered equipment. We encourage you to view… Read More »

Working with Millennials

[Author: Andrew E. Goodman, 07.17 | Keywords: Executive Insight, Millennials, Personal Development] By the year 2020, Millennials – also known as Generation Y – are projected to make up half of the United States workforce. As a result, it is critical that employers understand this generation so they can better enable their personal development. Millennials… Read More »

Looking Into the Future

Looking Into the Future

[Author: Andrew E. Goodman, 05.17 | Keywords: Executive Insight] In my column in the August 2014 issue of The Retailer, I cited a chart published by the Federal Reserve of Kansas City titled, “Gross Farm Income and Net Returns to Farm Operators” covering 1910 to 2010. The chart showed four major peaks in gross farm… Read More »

Recruiting for Technology

Recruiting for Technology

[Author: Andrew E. Goodman, President/CEO, 03.2017 | Keywords: Executive Insight, Recruiting] The critical issue of recruiting and training top notch service technicians has been addressed in past issues of The Retailer. Traditionally, these articles focused on recruiting community college students or graduates trained to service equipment. However, as equipment continues to become more technically advanced,… Read More »