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Fraud Protection and Awareness: Avoid online equipment scams

Fraud Protection and Awareness: Avoid online equipment scams

FARM CREDIT SERVICES OF AMERICA, AgDirect Learning Center/Fraud Protection There’s no doubt the digital transformation of the agricultural equipment industry has been a game changer for manufacturers, dealers, and producers alike. Online equipment sales are on the rise, but just as the e-commerce landscape has expanded and become more sophisticated, so have cyber scammers. According… Read More »

Executive Insight: Sharpen Your Saw

College football is back and fans are filling the stadiums, cheering on their teams, becoming armchair quarterbacks, and second-guessing the refs’ play-calling on any given Saturday. Imagine you were the head coach of Nebraska, Iowa, or Iowa State football—what plays would you call, which players would be on the field, and what would you do… Read More »

In Uncertain Times, Things Become Very Certain

[Author: Mark Hennessey, 05.2020 | Keywords: Executive Insight, COVID-19] These are uncertain times. Nobody knows when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will be over, who will test positive, and whether or not they will recover. This uncertainty has caused fear, anxiety and stress, turning our worlds upside down. The media coverage has been relentless. When trying… Read More »

Deere announces job cuts ahead of projected drop in sales

The cuts become effective Jan. 6. Deere said in its fourth-quarter earnings report last month that it expected construction and forestry equipment sales to fall between 10% and 15% next fiscal year, and it projected farm equipment sales to drop 5% to 10%.

Local Option Exemption for Construction Equipment

[Source: INEDA, 10.2018 | Keywords: Construction, Sales Tax] As a reminder, certain types of construction equipment are exempt from the local option sales tax and the local school infrastructure sales tax. That equipment is defined as: … self‑propelled building equipment, pile drivers, motorized scaffolding, or attachments customarily drawn or attached to self‑propelled building equipment, pile… Read More »

INEDA Supports Commonsense Repair Solutions

Ever since the introduction of a so-called “Right to Repair” bill in the Nebraska Legislature in 2015, INEDA has been working closely with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) to provide industry-wide support for onboard diagnostics and repair information for users of powered equipment. We encourage you to view… Read More »