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Iowa Insights

Takeaways from the Iowa District Meeting: In March and April of this year, INEDA hosted seven district meeting in Iowa and Nebraska. In lieu of members attending the annual dealer conference, INEDA staff traveled to see members. These were great events that will likely grow over the next few years.

Q&A with INEDA Field Directors

INEDA is fortunate to have two field directors on the road visiting dealers and distributors. One of their roles is to listen to members’ needs and concerns and provide immediate solutions. One of the main issues facing members today is hiring and retaining employees, so we sat down with our field directors to find out what they’re hearing from dealers on the topic.

Exhibit Committee’s Changing Role

[Author: Tom Junge, 05.2020 | Keywords: Iowa Field Notes, IAE, NAE, Strategic Initiative] Operational to Strategic Both the Iowa and Nebraska Exhibit Committees met this spring to review the previous… Read More »

Where Can I Find A Tech?

Where Can I Find A Tech?

[Author: Tom Junge, 07.17 | Keywords: Iowa Field Director, Technicians] Where can I find a tech? This is a question Iím frequently asked by dealers. As a matter of fact, one… Read More »