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Merchant Credit Card Processors Which One is Right for You?

[2011; R-2013 | Keywords: Business, Credit Card] Looking for ways to cut business expenses? If so, one area that could potentially save you hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars each year is your merchant credit card program. The Association office regularly receives calls from companies all over the U.S. wanting us to switch to their program,… Read More »

Uniform/Linen Rental Contracts

[By Lance Formwalt, Jack Selzer and Heath Hoobing of Seigfried, Bingham, Levy, Selzer & Gee, P.C., 2011; R-2013 | Keywords: Business, Contract, Rental Contract] Has anyone ever advised you to read the fine print in a contract before you sign it? While this advice is always sound, if you are like most people, you don’t… Read More »

Seven Ways Your CPA Can Help Grow Your Business

[2012; R-2013 | Keywords: Business, CPA] As a business owner you already know that growing your business doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes hard work and patience, a bit of creativity, a little luck…and sound financial insights. This is where your CPA can help. The following are different ways CPAs can assist you in… Read More »

A Look at the Inflation of Farm Equipment

[By Tom Junge, Iowa Field Director, 2013 | Keywords: Business, Inflation] Having been away from the wholesale side of the farm equipment business for 21 years, I find it hard to keep up with the price of equipment. I remember when I left White Farm Equipment that the list price of a 12 row planter… Read More »