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Maximizing Depreciation Deductions for Business Real Estate

[By Randy Koski & Michelle Thornburg, Koski Professional Group, P.C., 2013 | Keywords: Business, Depreciation] When constructing or buying business real estate, you should take steps to maximize the income tax depreciation deductions you can claim for the property. Accelerating the depreciation deduction reduces your current tax bill and helps improve current cash flow, resulting… Read More »

New Rules for Purchasing or Improving Property

[By Michelle Thornburg, Koski Professional Group, P.C., 2014 | Keywords: Business, Tax] The IRS has issued new capitalization regulations for the tax treatment of amounts paid to acquire, produce, or improve tangible property. The regulations must be followed for tax years that begin after December 31, 2013. The regulations are lengthy and complex. The summary… Read More »

Crop Revenue Protection

[By Tom Junge, 2014 | Keywords: Business, Revenue] Crop Revenue Protection With commodity prices trending lower, it can be easy to get caught up in the negative talk from farmers. This is the time to remember that most farmers have revenue protection insurance. Following is a quick summary of the most popular policy. It might… Read More »

A Tablet is a Salesperson’s Best Friend

[By Jenny Choe, Associated Equipment Distributors, 2014 | Keywords: Business, Sales] Before the era of the tablet, a salesperson’s tools of the trade included a smile, a handshake, a desk, a computer and a phone. Today, one example of a new sales tool is the tablet. According to recent Sales Management Association research, sales organizations… Read More »

Before You Go to Court – Try Mediation

[By Will Rogers, 2016 | Keywords: Business, Mediation] If crop prices remain low and net farm income stays below the profit margin for significant period of time, you may have an ag customer default on a loan and file for bankruptcy. To date, we at the Association have already heard of three cases of farmers… Read More »