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Overtime Exemptions from the Fair Labors Standards Act

[2017; R-2017 | Keywords: Overtime Exemptions, Overtime, FLSA] The Fair Standards Act provides that employers subject to its provisions must pay its employees the specified minimum wage and overtime compensation. There are various exemptions from the Act, or portions of the Act, which are based on factors such as type of business activity, the amount of business and the particular job performed by an employee. Small Dealer Exemption Businesses with annual sales volume of less than $500,000 are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime provisions. However, any business previously covered under the minimum wage law, but now exempt, must… Read More »

The Fair Labor Standards Act: The New Federal Overtime Rules

[Source: Seigfreid, Bingham, Levy, Selzer & Gee, P.C., 2007; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, FLSA, Wages] For the first time in decades, the U.S. Department of Labor has significantly changed the rules regarding overtime pay for millions of workers throughout almost every industry in the United States, including the employees of equipment dealers. The new rules, however, only affect the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements for certain “white collar” employees at dealerships. They do not affect the overtime exemptions that may apply to certain salesmen, technicians or partsmen at farm implement dealerships, as further discussed herein. This information is designed… Read More »