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Iowa Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) Questions and Answers

[2013 | Keywords: Iowa Legislation, Local Option Sales Tax, Sales Tax] Q: What does delivery have to do with the taxability of a sale? Where tangible personal property is delivered determines whether or not a sale is taxable. If delivery occurs within a local option jurisdiction, the local option sales tax may be due. If… Read More »

Service Work (Interstate Commerce)

[ 2008; R-2013 | Keywords: Iowa Legislation, Sales Tax, Service] A question came up after the sales tax breakout session at the annual meeting regarding interstate commerce and sales tax on equipment serviced at an Iowa dealership. The particular question was, do we charge Iowa sales tax if an Iowa dealer picks up equipment from… Read More »

Iowa Sales Tax: Extended Warranty

[Author: Tom Junge, Iowa Field Director, 2016 | Keywords: Iowa Legislation, Sales Tax, Warranty] With the influx of extended warranty sales by dealers (John Deere PowerGard, Case Protection Plan, New Holland Purchased Protection Plans and AGCO Protection) and the number of calls I have received from dealers since this topic was mentioned in the November Retailer, I… Read More »

ATV Registration and Sales Tax

[2-15 | Keywords: Iowa Legislation, Sales Tax, ATV] Registration Iowa Code 321I.9 exempts ATVs and OUVs (Off-road Utility Vehicles) used exclusively for agricultural purposes from titling and registration requirements. However, registration may be required by insurance companies and prove useful at a future date when the owner wishes to sell, by assisting with the verification… Read More »

Governor Signs Bill which provides an Exemption from Registration Fees for Certain New, Completed Motor Vehicles Purchased by an Equipment Dealer for Modification and Resale

[2014 | Keywords: Iowa Legislation, Sales Tax, Registration] BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. Section 321.48, Code 2014, is amended by adding the following new subsection: NEW SUBSECTION. 3A. A transferee of a new completed motor vehicle shall obtain a certificate of title for the vehicle but… Read More »