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Management of a Board of Directors

[Author: Andrew E. Goodman, 01.17 | Keywords: Executive Insight, Management] Occasionally, I am asked to assist senior management teams or boards of directors with long range or strategic planning. At the outset, I usually find a lack of understanding in regards to the duties and obligations of the board and a degree of dysfunctionality within… Read More »

The Organizational Balance of Business

The Organizational Balance of Business

[Author: Andrew Goodman, 09.2016 | Keywords: Executive Insight, Business, Management] As businesses continue to grow, the importance of competent, effective management will increase. Management education and skill requirements will also grow as society and technology become more advanced. Experience has shown that three distinct areas of management can affect the overall performance and profitability of… Read More »

The Effective Leader Needs Response-Ability

[2014 | Keywords: Human Resources, Management, Leadership] “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Clarence Darrow We have all heard the saying that, “Only the adaptable survive,” meaning leaders need to be more adaptable and the world is changing faster… Read More »

Managing Human Resources

[2012; R-2013 | Keywords: Human Resources, Management, Personnel, Employee Skillset] Human Resources (n.) People, especially the personnel employed by a given company, institution, or the like. Who coordinates employee benefits at your business? Do you have an employee handbook? How about job descriptions and performance evaluations? Who makes sure your business is legally compliant for… Read More »