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Credit Card, Telephone and Internet Scams Protect Yourself from Scam Artists

[Sources: IRON Solutions, Better Business Bureau, Norton, 2010; R-2013 | Keywords: Business, Operations, Scams] At a time when businesses literally can’t afford to fall victim to fraud, scam artists are stealing money or personal information from unsuspecting victims and small businesses using telephones, e-mail and the Internet. One Association member knows first-hand the importance of staying… Read More »

NEW Twist to OLD Scam Credit Cards

[Author: Tom Junge, Iowa Field Director, 2010; R-2013 | Keywords: Business, Operations, Scams] Recently, two dealers contacted the Association about a scam involving the sale of a $5,000 tractor to a customer in the Eastern United States. This is how it went down. The customer contacted the dealer about buying a tractor that they had listed on… Read More »