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Must Have Apps

[Source: Matt Hopkins, CropLife; Google Play Store and Apple App Store, 01.2016 | Keywords: Apps, Innovations, Technology] In 2010 there were 300,000 mobile apps in the Apple App Store, according to Statista Inc. This number ballooned to 1.5 million apps in 2015, a 400% increase in just five years. This incredible volume of mobile apps… Read More »

A Tablet is a Salesperson’s Best Friend

[Author: Jenny Choe, Associated Equipment Distributors, 2014 | Keywords: Business, Operations, Sales, Technology] Tablets have the ability to help salespeople become more efficient, professional and focused. Before the era of the tablet, a salesperson’s tools of the trade included a smile, a handshake, a desk, a computer and a phone. Today, one example of a new sales… Read More »