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Iowa and Nebraska Laws Regarding Diesel Fuel Trailers

[Author: Will Rogers, Director of Governmental Affairs, 2012; R-2013 | Keywords: Legislation, Trailers] If you are a retailer of Diesel Fuel Trailers in Iowa or Nebraska, you and your customers need to know that there are federal and state laws that are applicable to the transportation of diesel fuel and other Class 3 materials that may require a Commercial Driver’s License, Hazmat Endorsement, and Placarding. In general, diesel fuel hauled as a part of farming operations, is considered an exempt activity, and does not need to meet the federal requirements. Below is specific information for you and your customers to better understand… Read More »

Department of Revenue Rules & Regs

[Author: Mark Othmer, Nebraska Field Director, 2013 | Keywords: Nebraska Legislation, Sales Tax, Trailers] From time to time, the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) reviews rules and regulations that have been promulgated to define and administer sales tax laws enacted by the Unicameral. Such is the case with the recent determination by the DOR with regulation 1-094. This regulation defines commercial agriculture machinery and equipment as “tangible personal property that is used directly in the cultivating or harvesting of a crop, the raising or caring for animal life, or the collecting or processing of an agricultural product on the farm or ranch.”… Read More »