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Hiring Youth Workers: Do You Know the Rules?

[Author: Bob Evnen | 2015; R-2017 | Keywords: Human Resources, Youth, Employment] School is nearly out, which means young people will be seeking summer jobs. The employment of people under the age of 18 comes with several rules and is closely regulated by both the federal and state governments. Following is a brief outline to provide you with a basic understanding of the compliance world when it comes to employing young people under the age of 18. Hours The hours 14- and 15- year olds can work vary depending on the season, with greater restrictions on start times, daily hours… Read More »

Complying with Child Labor Laws

By Lesley Sifers, Tax Favored Benefits, Inc. [Author: Lesley Sifers | 2007; R-2018 | Keywords: Human Resources, Youth, Employment] As the end of the school year fast approaches, many of you will consider hiring students for summer jobs. I commend you. Working is a lot better for kids than “hanging out” all summer. However, you must remember the labor laws governing the employment of minors. One small misstep in this area can cost you $11,000 for a single violation. (The Department of Labor wants to increase this to $50,000.) The DOL continues to creatively and aggressively enforce the Child Labor… Read More »