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Dealer Toolkit

This dealer “toolkit” is designed to answer your questions and provide you with guidance and support. In addition, this kit provides you with educational information for your customers. All materials may be accessed and downloaded below:


Posters (2 versions) – Hang one poster in a visible location behind the parts counter and the other in your showroom.
Counter Stands (2 versions) – Display one at your parts counter and the other in your showroom. Note: Be sure to display a different version than the poster displayed in the other department.

Q & A Flyer (2 copies) – Share this informative flyer with your technicians, sales and service teams and keep it readily available for quick reference in your sales and service departments.

Trade-In/Service Release Form (2 pads) – Ask your customers to complete this form when accepting a trade-in or working on a piece of equipment. (Download and print more forms when you run out.)

Social Media – Give this sheet to your social media/marketing person so they can educate your customers by posting on Facebook and other social media apps utilized by your dealership.

Banner – Download and print this optional banner at your local copy store if you would like to display a large banner in your showroom.


Brochure (50/location) – Keep this brochure at your service and sales counters. Hand out to customers who ask questions regarding ECU tuning or mention they are considering modification.