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Join us! There’s no better way to learn how our Association operates – and to present your ideas and see them to fruition – than to serve on a board or committee.

Board of Directors

Do you want to be a leader in the equipment industry? Here’s your chance! Serve on our Board of Directors and get a front row seat to the inner workings of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association and the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Distributors. Help us develop policy, work closely with other dealers/distributors and guide our team, all while gaining valuable industry knowledge along the way. Contact Andy Goodman to learn more. [Commitment: 2-3 meetings a year + conference calls.]

Education Committee

Does your dealership struggle to hire and retain good, quality employees? Join the Education Committee and help us award scholarships, make connections, and create and maintain programs that enable our members to hire and retain top-notch talent. Work alongside us to develop partnerships with educational institutions. Recommend pertinent and timely topics for educational programs and workshops. Interested? Contact Will Rogers. [Commitment: 2 conference calls a year.]

Exhibit Committees

Help us plan the second and third largest indoor farm shows in the United States. As owners and managers of these shows, we rely on input from dealers like you to keep both exhibitors and farmers/ranchers coming back year after year. Work with other dealers to make recommendations, plan these shows, and conduct pre- and post-show analysis. Contact Tom Junge to learn more. [Commitment: 1 meeting each year + conference calls.]

Legislative Committees

Want to make a difference? Bring your voice and take a seat at the table as we work together to define legislative policies and issues needing addressed by our Association. Meet and interact with state and federal lawmakers at I-NEDA legislative events and join with other dealers to advocate for/against policies affecting the equipment industry. Contact Will Rogers (Iowa) and Mark Othmer (Nebraska). [Commitment: 1 meeting each year + annual events.]